Transition is a Good Thing

I am no longer with WDSU after 13 years as a news anchor in New Orleans.  Television has been my chosen career path for more than 20 years, covering news in various cities and covering the most important stories that impact you.

I have shifted gears and gone full force into being a business woman.  I love it.  There is fulfillment and joy in doing what you love.  My years in tv news taught me how to be focused on details, work efficiently on deadlines, make quick decisions and work flawlessly under pressure.  I did it well for decades.  Now I can say I am using those skills to make a difference in a different way.

I currently own three businesses.  Victory, New Orleans Drink Lab and Media By Design.  It certainly keeps me busy.  I enjoy being my own boss.  More than that, I enjoy creating platforms, venues and opportunities for people to reach their full potential.  There is nothing better than seeing an employee “get it” or “do better than they did yesterday.”

I thank you all for being a tremendous supporter of mine over the years.  Your phone calls, emails and smiles on the street made my day.  I will continue to stay in New Orleans and do my best to continue the work I’ve started.  I am…because of your kindness.  Transition is good.  Always remember, you are magic.  Don’t ever apologize for the fire in you.  Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.  There is success after a years long career.  My advice, if you’re asking:  surround yourself with people who are inspired, excited and grateful.

Many thanks to you all.



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