My Blog About People In NOLA

Camille Knows NOLA is my new blog where we will have fun exploring the lives of New Orleanians who make the city unique. Essential to the city’s success and allure, these people make up the cultural backbone to the place we call home. Join me as I get up close and personal with the Big Easy’s most unique & vital characters…giving you a deeper connection to the people that make New Orleans what it is and what inspires them to be who they are.
We go from Bourbon Street to the Superdome. From Mardi Gras parades to ghost tours to live jazz music on the streets…The famous Crescent City is full of life and people who give it character. Our heritage is loved by so many…BUT, what is behind the life of the city? Who is the silver painted man standing still on the street? Where do all of the artists in the French Quarter come from? And who owns the famous Café du Monde? Who makes the famous hurricane glasses at Pat O’Briens? Camille Knows NOLA will explore all of this and more giving you a deeper connection to the people that make New Orleans the amazing place that it is.

If you know of a character/leader/citizen I need to talk to about ”who they are” … please let me know. We’re having a blast doing it. Thanks in advance.


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